Health Insurance Plans We Accept & What You Should Know

June 11th, 2019

Identifying a health insurance plan that is right for your medical needs can be difficult and overwhelming shopping between private and marketplace insurance plans. Even after getting your plan, don’t just drive to the nearest primary care doctor or urgent care, you also need to make sure that your desired medical professional accepts your health insurance or you can see high cost from out-of-market care – you know, the number from your plan you don’t want to see.

What Insurances Does Bausey Accept

The good news is regardless of what plan you choose, Bausey accepts most health insurances! Here is a list of insurance providers Bausey accepts:

Private Insurance or Healthcare Marketplace – We’ve Got You Covered

These are some fairly common terms you may have heard circling around at some point. Private health insurance is health insurance not governed by federal or state government – think employer provided health plans. Marketplace plans – or public health insurance plans – are those you are able to apply for during the designated enrollment periods or from a qualifying life event. Which one you get depends on what coverage is right for you and when you’re applying.  If you aren’t sure about your individual health coverage plan, contact your provider to learn more about your coverage benefits.

No Insurance? No Problem

If you have a high deductible plan or no insurance, we can offer patients a cash payment discount option for the same great care at an affordable price for access to immediate care – saving our patients on average $40-$70 on upfront cost compared to high deductible plans. Contact Bausey Urgent Care on Crowder Blvd in New Orleans East & walk-ins always welcome!

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